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Experience faster & enhanced security.
Monitor and control ATMs, kiosks, displays, and health devices remotely. It ensures reliable connectivity via cellular, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi, securely bridging device data to your cloud.

Cellular service


Go Wireless

With our ATM cellular service, you can offer your customers the convenience of making cash transactions whenever they need them.

Equipment Rental


Per Month (15MB)

  • 10¢ over 15 MB

  • $75.00 installation Fee/unit

Equipment Purchase

$225 Per unit

  • Buy 10 or more for $215 each

Get 15 MB for only $7

(10¢ over 15 MB)

$75 installation fee/unit


Enhanced with cutting-edge components and advanced technologies, our latest model boasts a new generation CPU, fortified network security measures, and a revolutionary cellular technology that outpaces competitors by 10 to 100 times in speed.


Here are its standout features:

  • High-performance cellular support (Cat-4 or Cat-M1).

  • Dual SIM option.

  • Flexible interfaces: Cellular, Ethernet, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, Serial.

  • Linux OS.

  • Warranty.

  • IP-21 certified 

Cell Boosters

M2M Signal Booster


Serial port (4G)

  • Up to 10X (cellular Signal boost)

  • Hot Spots (reduced)

  • Dual Band (frequencies supported)


CM200 - Tall Antenna




Antenna w/connector 



5-port hub 

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