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Fast & Easy Air/Vac Solutions.


Air/Vac Placement

We have a wide range of Air/Vac models to choose from, and our team will help you find the perfect machine for your business.


Air/Vac Rental

Provide your customers with top-of-the-line digital air inflation at an affordable monthly cost. Plus, all revenue generated from air usage goes directly to you.


Credit Card Upgrade

Upgrade your existing Air machine with the convenience of accepting credit card payments. No need to replace your current machine.
Air/Vac Placement

Increase Your Revenue!


Are you looking to take your business to the next level? 

Our program not only provides you with the best equipment but also ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your machine is always running at peak performance. This means less downtime and more revenue for your business. Plus, with our reliable and efficient machines, you'll be able to save on energy costs, making our program not only a smart investment for your business, but also the environment.

Get started today!

Air/Vac Rental

Worry-Free, Hassle-Free!

Our Rental Program offers top-of-the-line digital air inflation equipment at an affordable monthly cost, with all revenue generated from air usage going directly back to you. Perfect for businesses of all sizes, our easy-to-use and maintain equipment will provide your customers with the best service while earning you a profit. Sign up now and start offering the best in digital air inflation technology to your customers.

Credit Card Upgrade

Upgrade To Credit Card.

Say goodbye to the hassle of cash-only transactions and hello to the convenience of accepting multiple forms of payment. Our service does not require you to replace your current machine, saving you both time and money. Instead, we can simply add on the capability for a low transaction fee of 12 cents and a monthly fee of $10. Keep using the machine you know and love while expanding your payment options to attract more customers and increase revenue. 

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