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At Cash Depot, we understand the importance of accessibility and convenience. That's why we specialize in providing ATMs and Air/Vac solutions for businesses of all sizes. We take pride in being a fully vertically integrated company, meaning we handle everything from the initial sale and installation to ongoing service and repair. Our in-house Service Team is dedicated to ensuring high standards of uptime for all of our equipment, making sure you and your customers can always rely on our products. Whether you need an ATM or an Air/Vac, Cash Depot has you covered.


Cash Depot, founded in the year 1998, is nestled in the heart of Green Bay, WI, the city that bleeds green and gold. It's the home of the legendary Green Bay Packers, a team ingrained in the fabric of the community. Come visit us and see for yourself why we're the go-to spot for all your ATM & Air/Vac needs, where customer service is always a touchdown.


At Cash Depot, we pride ourselves on being a company that is built on teamwork and dedication. Over the years, our team has grown to an impressive size of over 250 talented individuals. Every one of our team members brings a unique set of skills and expertise to the table, making us a force to be reckoned with in the industry. We are committed to delivering unparalleled service to our customers and are constantly pushing ourselves to be the best we can be. 


With an impressive fleet of over 37,000 machines out in the field, we are constantly striving to provide our customers with the highest level of convenience and accessibility. Our cutting-edge technology and commitment to quality service have solidified our position as a leader in the industry. Whether you need to withdraw cash or pump up your tires, Cash Depot has you covered.


With a team of over 120 dedicated Service Technicians, you can trust that we'll always be there to help when you need it. Whether you need repair or maintenance, our technicians are expertly trained and equipped to handle any task. With Cash Depot, you can rest easy knowing you're in good hands.

Meet The Founder


Dave Charles Sr.

  • LinkedIn

CEO - President 

Our Values

We will commit to treat everyone like Family.

We will strive to be the recognized leader in all business ventures.


Always treat others better than we would want to be treated.


Be happy and let it show to our customers and family members.


Do everything better, safer, faster, and at a lower cost than anyone.


To provide the best possible sales and customer service experience in the world.


Create security and opportunity in a diverse work environment, which promotes trust and mutual respect among Family.


To maintain constant profitability as a means to future growth and success. 


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