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ATM Placement

Our program allows businesses to easily and conveniently add an ATM to their premises.

More Profits. Zero Hassle. 

We provide the equipment and handle the installation process, so you can offer your customers the convenience of cash access without the hassle of managing the ATM yourself. Our program includes ongoing maintenance and support, so you can trust that your ATM will be reliable and secure.


We Provide The ATM

  • Free, no cost to you*

Cash & Cash Management Services


  • Our technicians will service the ATM


  • Transactions will process through our switch


  • Proprietary software ensure max uptime

App Reporting

  • Receive monthly transaction statements

ATM supplies

  • Receipt paper

Advertising Supplies

  • Arrow ATM sign

  • Lighted Topper

  • Window Signs

  • Door Stickers

You Provide

  • Space

  • Internet - if no internet, CD offers a program

  • Dedicated Electrical

Revenue Sharing

Withdrawal Transaction Merchant Income

0-200 -----------------------------------------$1.00 / Transaction

201-500 --------------------------------------50% / Transaction

501-650 --------------------------------------58% / Transaction

651+​ ------------------------------------------66% / Transaction

Wireless Internet

In need of Internet?

Special pricing - just $15.00/month with Placement program.

Includes equipment.

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