ATM Equipment

Cash Depot takes pride in offering a great variety of quality machines with many features and prices to suit your business and revenue needs. We sell, lease, rent, ship, service, and support ATMs in the most efficient way, maximizing profitability and customer satisfaction. Cash Depot supports any business that wants to increase revenue, such as convenience stores, retail stores, banks, restaurants, bars, pubs, taverns, etc. All of our ATMs are ADA compliant and have EMV capabilities. Call 1-800-776-8834 to purchase your ATM and supplies today!

We are an authorized re-seller of Nautilus Hyosung® ATMs. With over 27 years of experience in the ATM industry, Nautilus Hyosung is praised for its cost leadership, convenience of use, and most of all, highly reliable performance. Providing complete solutions in hardware, software, and electronic banking services to the financial and off-premise markets, Nautilus Hyosung is committed to enabling maximum cost reduction, security, and creating new business opportunities. Nautilus Hyosung is the ultimate answer for financial self-service solutions.

The HALOII with its enhanced security features is the best value of any retail cash dispenser in the industry. It has an EMV card reader, PCI 3.0 compliant keypad and secure communication protection using TLS encryption. 

Height: 54.2"
Width: 15.7"
Depth: 23.4"

Starting at $2150
The 2700 brings you reliability. Maximize uptime with its ease of maintenance and convenience of high-capacity note storage. Holds up to 6K notes.

Height: 52.3"
Width: 15.7"
Depth: 18.4"

Starting at $2455

The 5200 is the ATM of choice for maximum service and security for high end retail locations with large revenue potential.

Height: 55.4"
Width: 15.7"
Depth: 22.8"

Starting at $2855

The 2700T is a through-the-wall ATM with the advantage of high-capacity note storage and reliability. User-friendly interface, and tactile touch function keys.

Height: 72"
Width: 21.5"
Depth: 25.24"

Starting at $4599

We offer many accessories such as toppers, decals, and cassettes. There are optional upgrades such as e-locks, and Cencon locks available for added security. See the pricing sheet for descriptions and prices of these and other items.

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